Poetry Under Pressure

This was wrote during a rather intense Miesner activity at Rose Bruford. I kind of liked it, unrefined and unfinished. We burned up like an asteroid in the atmosphere. We burned up like an astronaut's incorrect equation. We burned up like two lovers too close to the sun, too close To the souls of each… Continue reading Poetry Under Pressure


Sucker Punch

Call me a sucker but I'm putty in your hands. Through the cracks I'll seep so squeeze my flesh until I pucker then push your fingers deep, I'll give way. What was that I heard you say? And by the way lover I know you have another Do you write with your left hand? Or… Continue reading Sucker Punch

Impact: An Original Poem

Impact by Bobby Wilkinson This is how it's supposed to be, right? We dance through the night into the morning but it's just dawning that you didn't touch me last night. What did I do wrong? Was it the thong? Was it my long blonde hair? Did I not touch you right? Did I distract… Continue reading Impact: An Original Poem