Taking my own advice

This is space where I'm going to accumulate my thoughts and ideas I have learnt or heard or otherwise on mental health and positive living!  Its something I can come back to when a need a little pep talk from me, to me! Hopefully it is something others can use too some day.    


Notes from my year at Conti

The 9 Big Character Q's Who am I? Name Age Family Things I like / don't like What is your daily routine Religion Education Who do I love and hate? What's my immediate social influences What time is it? What season? When is it in history/future? What time of day? Where am I? Immediate surroundings… Continue reading Notes from my year at Conti

Combating Stress

What can I stay about stress? Its the often forgotten about once-removed-second-cousin  of the mental health family. Stress is that one at the family Christmas get-together who no one seems to know exactly how they are related to and you have to endure as they natter away about god knows what. The one your mum… Continue reading Combating Stress