Test Me Just Once More

That night, Yeah that one, my thumb wrapped around your thong. I thought If I pushed hard enough you'd understand how deep My feelings ran. Kisses on cars, Hands in hair, Or was it grass? The sky and the pavement Bled together. Lights ran away Danced across my view Framing you. I held you So… Continue reading Test Me Just Once More


That night. You know the one.

I want to hold you Half baked On a hilltop in Sheffield Hold you and tell you With little pieces of me dripping From my words I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you Until there's nothing left Until I am nothing Nothing but ash Settling on your… Continue reading That night. You know the one.

Tongue Twisters

One a Day ! Clenched jaw + release Tiny mouth + release Slow + over articulated Tongue out + release Fast with clarity Just on voice Long A tutor who tooted the flute Tried to tutor two tooters to tootSaid the two to the tutor "Is it tough to tootOr to tutor two tooters to… Continue reading Tongue Twisters