Navigating the LQBTQ+

Do I get to call myself a lesbian or am I queer because I identify with being genderqueer and date a non-binary human and I don't rule out a possible attraction to men (Inc. trans/cis/a-gender whatever) further down the line of my life? Why is it that most of my bi friends don't want to… Continue reading Navigating the LQBTQ+


Taking my own advice

This is space where I'm going to accumulate my thoughts and ideas I have learnt or heard or otherwise on mental health and positive living!  Its something I can come back to when a need a little pep talk from me, to me! Hopefully it is something others can use too some day.    

Lonely in London

Anxiety? I got systems in place. Stressed out? I know just how to cope. Hypochondria? Well I can kind of talk my way around it or do something about it.  But loneliness? I'm screwed. Recently things in my life have changed, and change for me is fine. I'm kool wit it, I'm down wit eet. But that… Continue reading Lonely in London