What can I stay about stress? Its the often forgotten about once-removed-second-cousin  of the mental health family. Stress is that one at the family Christmas get together who no one seems to know exactly how they are related to and you have to endure as they natter away about god knows what because you weren’t listening properly as Aunty Pam has just arrived with her famous cranberry and orange festive shortbread. The one your mum tells you to just take one for the team and humour for one day, and oh, keep away from the sherry.

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The Globe

So I was on a tinder date. Yehhhhh I have caved in and got tinder :0 BUT that’s a story for  different day…

SO we were walking down south bank and there’s an old fella in a burgundy felt bucket hat, long brown trench coat and finger-less gloves  sat within a spread of multi coloured envelopes. This is Joseph. Turns out he wrote poetry and with a donation you could take an envelope but not before he had recited it word for word from memory to you. I choose one called The Globe as I literally just was saying that one of my dreams is to perform there. Honestly I have never felt so inspired after watching him, it really excites me when people get passionate about something they clearly love and he was so in the zone, so immersed the very globe he speaks off.  We got chatting and as it turns out he as young lad trained to be an actor, then of course we pooled our knowledge and both got frantic like a gaggle of school girls over Laban efforts. So much so that I forgot entirely about my date stood like a lemon next to me, bless him. It was such a wonderful encounter, I went back the next day with my friends.

Anyhooo here’s the poem, I feel its apt for the stage I am at in my life:

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