Tongue Twisters



Quick 10min Madness


Spinal roll, Masseter massage and shake

Sip breathing 3 sets of 4 +release

Rib cage lifting in three stages, front/side/up+slightly over +release

KAH breathing in lion face

Yawning sirens, NG sirens, trilling sirens

optium pitch

Fundamental voice on tounge twisters

Resonance ladder Zoo/Woow/shaw/goh/mahh/ffhuh/herr/ba/deh/payee/kee/ree


Larger Space/Looser Clothing Suitable

Bathroom/Small Space/Tight Clothing Suitable

Foot/Ankle Rotations

Wrist Stretch on wall

Hip openers


Tennis Ball on Foot

Chair sitting + twists

Neck Stretches + pet the dog

Torso Twist

Sholder Rolls + Angel Wings


Tips for tension + resetting release throughout the day

SIGH IT OUT – audibly sigh, where ever, when ever.

Jaw shake

Masseter massage


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