Fairy wings and boxer shorts

Dens in bushes, trampoline battles and dance routines, highest swing competitions, hide and seek, nerf battles, craft projects, tennis, badminton, camp fires, roasting marshmallows you name it Joe and me did it.

Most weekends as children we would go to my Auntie and Uncles and me and Joe would play endlessly and boundlessly. We were fortunate that the garden was so big and full of bushes and hide-y holes. I have some of my fondest memories in that garden and house.

As young teens, due to busy schedules we didn’t see as much of each other as we’d both have liked – the odd crazy house party infused with teen angst and cheap vodka was all we pretty much had of each other. As young adults however, with the luck of going to the same college we reconnected stronger than ever. We’ve been through break ups, make ups, messy darlo nights, civilised cocktail evenings and everything inbetween. Even though we are now separated by 300 miles he’s still my best friend and I love him with all my heart.

So this is just a small shout out to the scrawny little boy who used to put my fairy outfit on and dance through the garden, the boy who is now a tall handsome man finding his way through life. I’ll always dance next to you, nerf gun in hand and smile on my face.

To my cousin, my cuz bud, Joe Louie. Never change, you madden.



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