Swiper, no swiping!


Really Bob?! Tinder. Really?? Yep.

I have always been totally sceptical of dating sites. Just go out and meet someone you crazy person! I mean it already feels like searching for a needle in a haystack why make that haystack the size of the interweb, why burden yourself with an even more prominent sense of hopelessness?! But moving from a town where you could go on a night out to the one and only club and know over 80% there and in one way or another have had a fling with yourself and/or know someone who has had fling with a good 60%, London feels awfully big.

On my course there’s lovely girl I’m honoured to call my friend, Amy, who is a self professed ‘dating addict’. She loves tinder, shes swears by it. So much so it features as a hobby in her personal statement. Well she and her serial dating inspired me to download the app, also my best friend Kelsey had just got into a relationship via tinder (whhaaaat, it works!?!?) and so if they could do it so could I!

The first day I swiped so hard the first layer of skin came of fingers, who even knew you had a max amount of likes?!?! From this I was bombarded with messages and possible meet ups and so on. I was amazed to find people even found me attractive, let alone people I though were attractive matching with me!! BUZZING.

Few days later and it already felt like a chore answering the messages, so far I had arranged many dates and cancelled many dates out of laziness or something else, I don’t know. I have been on one date which went well he was great and rather fit as he lurked in the smokey corner of a live jazz bar, sipping on a glass of red. Until he stood up and was rather comically smaller than me. As an un-proportional lass, this was not good. Hugging him felt like I was Mr. Tickle wrapping floppy limbs around small childman. Anyhoo I said no, this is fine Bob, he is lovely we connect on every level (albeit not altitude). So a second date ensued, I shall also add he was rather aesthetically pleasing … physically (wink wink), but this time it was just very apparent our relationship was purely platonic, we both felt it. So bye bye pectorals 😦

This past week has drained me emotionally as felt I owed a little part me to every person I spoke to, I think that’s the type of person I am. So I am going to keep the app but stop the swiping and perhaps turn tinder down to minor smoulder, on the back burner shall we say. I mean its always nice to have new people to talk to, at the end of the day I do love people and find them so interesting. I’m finding tinder more comforting to have there. It makes me feel widely connected in a vast city.

Guess I’ll see how it goes and keep you all updated.


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