Tongue Twisters

One a Day ! Clenched jaw + release Tiny mouth + release Slow + over articulated Tonge out + release Fast with clarity Just on voice Long A tutor who tooted the flute Tried to tutor two tooters to tootSaid the two to the tutor "Is it tough to tootOr to tutor two tooters to… Continue reading Tongue Twisters


Navigating the LQBTQ+

Do I get to call myself a lesbian or am I queer because I identify with being genderqueer and date a non-binary human and I don't rule out a possible attraction to men (Inc. trans/cis/a-gender whatever) further down the line of my life? Why is it that most of my bi friends don't want to… Continue reading Navigating the LQBTQ+


Vocal Tongue Twisters Physical   Quick 10min Madness Vocal Spinal roll, Masseter massage and shake Sip breathing 3 sets of 4 +release Rib cage lifting in three stages, front/side/up+slightly over +release KAH breathing in lion face Yawning sirens, NG sirens, trilling sirens optium pitch Fundamental voice on tounge twisters Resonance ladder Zoo/Woow/shaw/goh/mahh/ffhuh/herr/ba/deh/payee/kee/ree Physical Larger Space/Looser… Continue reading Warm-up

The Transformation Checklist

9 Questions [previous post: Notes from my year at Conti] 50 Questions [see below] 9 steps [see below] How do they physically differ to you? i.e. age, illness, calloused hands, sore back from a certain activity etc.. Draw a cartoon of clear lines Where is their centre? What colour is it? What texture? ( could… Continue reading The Transformation Checklist